MEP Services


Fluid Lines is a leading MEP contractor in Dubai with a team of talented engineers who achieve success through their hard work and dedication to their roles.We are always accessible to provide our clients in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the greatest, most efficient, and technically advanced services. We take great pride in providing customized MEP services using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge equipment. Our skilled team of specialists has years of experience in their respective fields.


Our skilled MEP team offers the customer the most practical and affordable solutions that complement interior design in order to obtain the best finishes and with the proper systems, tools, and materials in accordance with the law.

Our principles in MEP are implemented in our design at the early stage where early detection is necessary to perform an MEP build suitable and fit for purpose as per client operations. Our committed team of engineers, technicians, and electricians consistently produces high-quality, error-free work and has finished a number of prestigious MEP projects in the UAE.

Fluid lines has extensive expertise working for both commercial and retail clientele, including private residences, government structures, educational institutions, stores, warehouses, health care facilities, and office buildings.


MEP is the heart of the building. And is responsible for the unseen comfort. Without proper Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing, spaces cannot be inhabited. Fluid lines transform a building’s interior into a welcoming space that all can enjoy.


Want customized MEP solutions for your space?  The in-house engineering and construction teams of Fluid Lines create distinctive MEP solutions in accordance with the requirements of the client.

At Fluid lines, we work on the full life-cycle of a project, from inception to an error-free completion. In order to properly install and maintain all MEP services, and guarantee that customers receive the greatest outcomes they could possibly hope for, our team collaborates closely with our clients to understand the function and value of their building. 

Every MEP solution we provide is specifically tailored for each project based on the precise specifications of each individual property. We offer a complete Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing solution available. You don’t need to search further to secure the maximum and continuous performance of your assets.


  • The design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning for all new installations
  • Maintenance of all electrical systems
  • Maintenance of all drainage and water supply systems
  • Upgrades of current electrical systems
  • Liaising with all the relevant authorities and obtaining the correct approvals
  • Maintenance of the general building infrastructure
  • Complete delivery of chillers and chilled water piping systems
  • Calculation of heating and cooling loads
  • Installation of HVAC systems including duct design and fabrication
  • Annual maintenance of HVAC systems by our specialist team
  • Fire alarm systems including emergency and exit lighting
  • Firefighting systems including the testing and commissioning of the system
  • Low current systems such as those used by CCTV


MEP engineering is surely an integral and vital part of any architectural or building projects. By providing specialist mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for various sectors, Fluid Lines, one of the most reputable companies with eight years of experience in MEP services, aims to keep your building beautiful and functional.

Fluid lines is the partner you can rely on if you’re looking for an MEP contracting firm in Dubai.