Walls and Flooring


With tens of thousands of satisfied clients, Fluidlines strives to offer premium floors and walls  services at reasonable costs for both industrial and domestic uses.

 If you’re looking for a way to modernize your home, we can put you in touch with one of Dubai’s best and most innovative builders.



Fluid Lines being a famous flooring company consists of the best flooring contractor Dubai to aid you in making your floor beautiful.

Flooring serves as a special canvas for creative expression that reflects your style and personality. We deal with all varieties of flooring installations, including both residential and commercial installations, as a top provider of flooring services. Our skilled team members are the best at predicting current trends and what esteemed clients like you want and need from a floor installation service.

Our numerous flooring services dramatically change the appearance of your floor, whether it is indoor or outdoor, and provide the viewer with an enthralling, eye-catching environment.


Our flooring services are zoned to include:


1. Carpet flooring:


The most effective technique to provide the maximum level of comfort in your life is to use carpets or carpet flooring.

All of our carpets are approved and built to survive the harsh Middle Eastern atmosphere and high traffic locations. Our carpet patterns produce spaces that promote productivity and well-being.



2. Parquet flooring:

Wood parquet flooring is a great way to add pattern in an understated, fashionable, and long-lasting way.

We deal with all sort of parquet flooring, and Fluid Lines guarantee that it is supplied to the highest standards of quality. Our selection includes aged parquet and natural grade products as well as those with a bandsawn look.



3. Marble and Tiles flooring

Marble floors and tiles make for lovely flooring options because of their inherently exquisite appearance.

Fluidlines provides tile and marble floor installation services for both residential and commercial structures. We plan the layout of the tile or marble pattern, cut and shape the tiles to size, and skillfully install flooring fixtures. We assist with the installation of various types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, vinyl, and wooden, thanks to our years of experience in the field.



4. Industrial flooring and warehouse coating 


We at Fluidlines take pleasure in being the most sought-after option for a variety of sectors as experienced industrial flooring and warehouse coating contractors in the UAE.

Whether it’s a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, or a chemical factory, we have all the necessary tools, personnel, and staff to complete the floor coating service quickly and effectively.


5. Traffic deck coating

Your gorgeous, durable flooring may be one of our ornamental high traffic systems. These transportation flooring systems are a choice for car park decks, aviation sector terminals, showrooms, professional garages, and other places where the traffic never stops since they have some of the hardest floor finishes available.

One of the main stresses on a deck’s stability is water and dampness. When membranes are waterproof, the possibility of experiencing any water damage that could later result in significant deterioration is completely eliminated.


6. Polished concrete flooring

We can help you with a large selection of exposed aggregate, small mix concrete, and color concrete in different colors, styles, and textures to meet your needs for indoor and outdoor flooring as a top polished concrete company in Dubai.

All places benefit greatly from polished floor concrete. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but you will also receive the perfect look you wanted for your home or business flooring thanks to a highly durable, low-maintenance surface.

7. Decorative overlay flooring


Even whether you have existing tiles, wood, or ancient floors, decorative overlays are ideal for indoor and exterior floors. It can be used on floors and walls made of concrete, marble, plaster, brick, granite, ceramics, plasterboard, and more. When done properly, it permanently adheres to the surface and is ideal for high foot traffic areas.


8. Self leveling epoxy and polyurethane screeds

Fluidlines is an adaptable, quick-curing solution that works with a variety of substrates to produce a smooth foundation for the floor covering. The self-leveling underlayer is an imperative necessity to get the best results, a smooth and strong finished resilient floor. Self-leveling floors are the wise choice for your subfloor preparation since they require little dust, little smell, and walk-on durations of as little as two hours.

  • Simple to use
  • Fast-curing
  • Flexibility: great for a variety of substrate applications, including stone, stiff metal, and wood in addition to concrete and sand/cement screeds.
  • Fiber reinforced: For flexibility and crack bridging, several compounds are reinforced with fiber.
  • Cementitious compounds contain a high polymer content for superior adhesion strength, which is polymer modified.
  • Many compounds are suited for usage in occupied and hygienically sensitive places where little odor is needed because they lack protein.


We have experience providing trustworthy installation services for wall partitions.For our proficiency in conventional building techniques as well as our innovative, modern approach to cutting-edge technology and our delivery system for residential and commercial projects, we are now acknowledged as a rapidly expanding and reputable firm in the sector.

We have experience providing trustworthy installation services for wall partitions.


Any room in the house or workplace can be partitioned off using partition walls, but it’s crucial to choose the appropriate equipment for the job. You can be sure that the installation of your drywall partition will use only the best materials available to you by contacting a competent firm to do the job.

Gypsum drywalls  are commonly extruded between large sheets of facer and backer paper and used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. They can be manufactured with or without additives. The plaster is combined with a foaming agent, fiber plasticizer, and numerous additives that can lessen flammability, mildew growth, and water absorption.


Office glass partitions are a great alternative to erecting opaque walls if you want to efficiently separate a room into smaller rooms. These adaptable structures come in a range of heights and finishes to meet the needs of your business for premium and useful office dividers.

Fluidlines has years of experience and can offer you unique glass walls for a range of industries which stops the transmission of acoustic sounds Without obstructing light.

To arrange a consultation or installation of a toughened glass barrier manufactured using cutting-edge technology in Dubai, get in touch with Fluidlines.

Fluid lines offer you a wide range of flooring alternatives, no matter how broad and particular your requirements are. A few well-known types of flooring are vinyl PVC, parquet, hardwood, laminate, hospital vinyl flooring, and school/nursery vinyl flooring.



Do you intend to  install flooring in your space? if so, fluid lines is one of the top companies offering expert and reasonably priced floor installation and fixing services in dubai. We provide premium flooring that will be valuable to all of our consumers in order to make sure that this one-time investment becomes a permanent part of our life!

Because of the high standard of our flooring installation work in Dubai, Fluid lines has a distinct identity in the Dubai market. For both household and commercial use, we provide an unrivaled selection of hues, textures, patterns, and sizes. Our wood floors give your flooring a dreamy look and the best in style.

Fluid lines’ flooring service is available to properly suit every taste and requirement, whether you prefer warmth that is traditional, modern, or contemporary. We promise to provide the best flooring installation service in Dubai at a competitive price.


Fluid Lines can assist you in finding a flooring expert in Dubai, UAE, by offering the top-notch assistance you require. We don’t compromise on customer service, product quality, or pricing since we are confident in the standard of the flooring we provide.