Design and Drawings


All interior and fitout services are offered by Fluidlines under one roof. We provide 2d and 3d designs, layout drawings, and visualizations for our clients.


According to local law, you must obtain numerous approvals before launching a firm. It might be a permit for a workplace, eatery, showroom, etc. Before you may start a business here, you must submit a large number of documents. Here, Fluidlines makes obtaining all the approvals for its clients really simple.


We are committed to offering 3D interior design that is incredibly lifelike and realistic in a variety of ways. Our goal is to make our clients more productive and competitive. Fluidlines’ team of experts stays current with emerging technology so they can offer the greatest 3D design experience.

Our 3D design service in Dubai is adaptable, user-friendly, and practically everything you could possibly require.


Fluidlines is the company you need if you need interior design for your homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, bedrooms, and other spaces. We produce the whole collection of drawings required by the authorities and secure approval on your behalf.


It is staffed by a skilled and knowledgeable team of engineers, detailers, and draftsmen that work to provide drawing and design services that can function as a crucial component of every project. Our precise 2D drawings have an advantage since they effectively communicate the concept and analyse its practicality for manufacturing.


We value developing strong relationships with our clients, so we assign each one a project designer and manager to oversee the project from inception to completion. This gives clients a constant point of contact they can get in touch with day or night as long as their project is being worked on.


Our team of designers is expert in visualization concepts and have practical experience with cutting-edge 3D rendering technologies.


To achieve the highest success rate for finishing a development project, the Fluidlines Team concentrates on solutions and tactics.

We are able to produce extremely precise and accurate project specs because of our cutting-edge and modern technological talents.